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Mossy Oak Kennel's British Labrador Retrievers 


Mossy Oak’s Kennels specializes in breeding and training British Labradors for hunting and outdoor companionship. Using the methods learned from spending over a decade working with the UK's best breeders and trainers, our training methodology is focused on using 100% natural techniques, creating the finest waterfowl, upland, and recovery dogs in the field. Our secure training facility at the Mossy Oak headquarters in West Point, MS offers the ideal setting for hunting focused training and provides climate controlled kennels with interior and exterior access for each dog.
Every Sire and Dam at our kennels are from verified American Kennel Club and English Kennel Club or Irish Kennel Club British Labrador Retrievers with Field Trial Champion lineage. All exhibit exceptional hunting and companion characteristics. Each dog is health checked and genetically tested by Paw Print Genetics or Embark. Each pup will bear the Mossy Oak name when it is registered with the AKC and are offered to qualified owners on a limited basis. Each dog comes with full AKC registration and a 30 month health guarantee.

Director of Gundog Operations
Kennel Master


Bill Gibson

Over the last fifteen (15) years, Bill Gibson has studied, trained with, and learned how to apply low force dog training methods that were developed and used by some of the masters in the United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland and the United States. Under his training scheme every dog is different, so there is no one nice and neat canned program that can be used to train every dog.  Instead, he evaluates each dog and based on his assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of that dog, he then develops a custom training program for that particular dog. But all training programs have one thing in common - the use of low force training methods.

In 2004, Mossy Oak and other corporations cosponsored the US Gun Dog Team when they traveled to Northern Ireland to participate in the Irish International Gun Dog Challenge and the Atlantic Cup. Bill and his dog Lougnbrook Fern “Jet” were part of the US Gun Dog Team…the first US Gun Dog Team to compete in the United Kingdom. The team won the Irish International Gun Dog Challenge by beating teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland and the Atlantic Cup by beating Northern Ireland.


Bill has trained his own Labrador Retrievers for most of his adult life, but has been training for others since he retired from his law enforcement career in 2006. He is the Director of Gun Dog Operations at Mossy Oak and can assist you with all you training needs.



Bobby Cliett

Bobby Cliett is the quintessential Mossy Oak man! Born and raised in West Point, Mississippi he has been with Mossy Oak since 1994. Bobby was the warehouse coordinator for 26 years, helping supply customers with Mossy Oak gear and growing the brand to what it is today. Bobby joined the kennels in the summer of 2020 and exchanged boxes and forklifts for puppies and dogfood. His job includes socializing puppies, feeding dogs, making phenomenal coffee, keeping the kennels clean, general maintenance and groundskeeper. We are blessed to have Bobby on our team, he never fails to make us smile on a daily basis! 


Bailey Newell

Kennel Location

Address: 54 Truman Creek Road. 

           West Point, MS 39773

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