British Labrador Dams

Here are the mothers of your next Best Friend For Life. This lineup of females is full of extraordinary lineage and have proven to produce some incredible pups. There are over 130 award winning dogs combined in their three-generation pedigrees.

  • Red Rose

    Rose is a fox red British Lab who has proven to be very biddable and trainable. She has wonderful drive and loads of style. Rose's pups have proven to be excellent hunting companions.

  • Diva

    Diva's sire is a Field Trial Champion and her Dam is a Field Trial Winner. She has an impeccable pedigree that includes some of the finest field trial dogs in the United Kingdom. We are more than pleased with her natural abilities as a game finder.

  • Fern

    Fern Demonstrates the best qualities of a British Lab in both her desire to please and trainability. Her conformation is representative of the breed standard. She has produced some of the best pups we have seen here at the kennels. 

Susie was sired by Upperaughton Rocky "Benson", in our opinion, the best dog we have imported from England. Susie has tons of drive and style and has proven herself as being an outstanding hunting dog.

Lox is the definition of what we look for in a hunting companion. She posses the "on/off" switch that allows her to be both an unbelievable hunting dog and a great pet in the house. 

Keira has tons of drive and style, and she has an excellent nose evidenced by her natural game finding ability. She is very biddable and trainable. 

  • Red Maisy

    Red Maisy is a veteran hunting dog who has  produced numerous outstanding pups. She has tons of drive and a nose that is second to none. 

  • Indi

    Indi is FTCH to FTCH bred. Her sire, Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood, has qualified for and competed in the IGL in England on four occasions. He won the 2016 IGL - the World Series for gun dogs. Indi is both biddable and trainable. We are very excited about introducing her into our program.

  • Bella

    Bella is a medium yellow British Lab and a full litter mate sister to Mossy Oak's Fern. She is full of drive and style and is very willing to please. 

  • Daisy

    Daisy's lines go back to some of the finest kennels in the United Kingdom, inclusive of Tibea Kennels, Drakeshead Kennels, and Lettergreen Kennels. Daisy exhibits tons of drive and style. We welcome her lineage to our program and look forward to producing great pups.

  • Lucy

    Lucy is FTCH to FTCH bred. She possesses the best qualities of an Irish Lab. She has a strong desire to please and she is very trainable. Her conformation is representative of the breed standard. We are extremely pleased to have her as part of our breeding program.

  • Misty

    Misty was sired by FTCH Eastdale Kayne. She was born to retrieve and has excellent game finding ability. These natural abilities have us very excited to see what the future holds.

  • Molly

    Astraglen Molly is out of Astraglen Kennels in Northern Ireland. Her sire is FTCH Astraglen Fergie and her dam is FTW Dunamoira Fay. Her pedigree is filled with field trial champions. We are excited to have her talent and genetics in our program.

  • Amy (Retired)

    Retirement has been earned by Amy. She has nursed some of the best pups that have come from Mossy Oak Kennels. The next chapter of her life will consist of living in a house with a loving family. I just hope they have enough tennis balls.

  • Willow (Retired)

    We are happy to see Willow finally retire from her duties at Mossy Oak Kennels. However, her absence leaves our program with a hole that will be difficult to fill. Her pups have been some the best we have ever seen. She now will live the rest of her life at home with Mr. Gibson. 

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