British Labrador Dams

Here are the mothers of your next "Best Friend For Life". This lineup of females is full of extraordinary lineage and have proven to produce some incredible pups. Added together, there are over 130 award winning dogs combined in their three-generation pedigrees.

Astraglen Robyn, is a black bitch that we imported from the United Kingdom.  Robyn is the product of a breeding between FTCH Waysgreen Apollo and FTCH Astraglen Fergie. Robyn has wide head, wide shoulders, and an otter tail.  She has good hips, normal elbows, clear eyes, and is clear on seven (7) DNA recessive gene test but, is a carrier for SD2.  Of the fourteen (14) dogs in her three generation pedigree, eleven (11) are Field Trial Champions and the remaining three (3) are Field Trial Winners (FTW).  With her conformation, health test results and pedigree, we welcome her to our breeding cadre and expect to get some excellent puppies from her litters.    

Indi is FTCH to FTCH bred. Her sire, Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood, has qualified for and competed in the IGL in England on four occasions. He won the 2016 IGL - the World Series for gun dogs. Indi is both biddable and trainable. We are very excited about introducing her into our program.

Astraglen Stone, a black Lab, has one of the finest pedigrees of any bitch that we have imported from the UK.  Stone has 10 Field Trial Champions (FTCH) and 2 Field Trial Winners (FTW) in her 3 generation pedigree.  Stone is trained to a high level and is an exceptional retriever on both waterfowl and uplands.  She is the quintessential British Labrador with a wide head, wide shoulders, and an otter tail.  Her conformation is on par with the British standard.   She has good hips, good elbows, clear eyes and is clear on all her DNA recessive gene test.  We are pleased to have her in our breeding cadre and look forward to having some exceptional litters.


Fern Demonstrates the best qualities of a British Lab in both her desire to please and trainability. Her conformation is representative of the breed standard. She has produced some of the best pups we have seen here at the kennels.