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Mossy Oak Affiliate Kennel - UK

We are now importing puppies as well as started and trained British Labradors for sale to customers

We are pleased to announce that Mossy Oak Kennels USA has started importing puppy litters from our Affiliate Kennel in the United Kingdom.  We will import approximately five litters of puppies annually from the UK. These puppies will have dual registration with The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom or with The Irish Kennel Club in Ireland, and ultimately with the American Kennel Club here in the USA.  We are offering these pups to our clients for $2,500 plus the cost of shipping and handling.  
We are also importing started and finished hunting dogs to Mossy Oak Kennel US from our affiliate kennel in the UK.  These dogs will be priced based on the quality of their pedigree and their level of training.  

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