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Finished British Labrador Retrievers

Your Next Best Friend for Life..

Drummuckhill Suir "Tara"

Tara (drummuckhill Suir)_edited.jpg

Health Results

  • Hips: 3/6

  • Elbows: 0/0

  • Eyes: Unaffected

  • PRA PRCD: Carrier

  • CNM: Clear

  • DM: Clear

  • SD2: Clear

  • EIC: Clear

  • RD-OSD: Clear

  • HNP: Clear

  • EBV Hips: -6

  • EBV Elbows: -1

  • COI: 12.8%

Finished Hunting Dog


Additional Details: 

  • DOB: 08/15/17

  • 37 FTCHs

  • 7 FTWs

  • Weight: 45lbs

  • Origin: Ireland 

  • Past Litters: Tara has had just one litter and all of the pups turned out to be​ outstanding. We have yet to hear one negative comment on her pups.

  • Purchase Price: $10,000

 Basic Obedience

  • Heel/Sit/Stay off lead in all situations​.

  • Marks/Retrieves/Returns to "place" stand.

  • Steady to shot and fall.

  • All commands have been transitioned to whistle.


  • Single/Doubles/Triples at 150+ yards.​ 

  • Blinds/Unknowns out to 150+ yards.

  • A hard charger on land and in the water.

  • Hunts heavy cover the way a British Lab is expected to.

Remote Handling

  • Stops on the whistle out to 150+ yards.

  • Overs and Backs out to 150+ yards.

  • Hand signals have become a conditioned habit.

Tara is out of a breeding between two outstanding UK field dogs; FTCH Drumgoose Warlord and Killowen Kate.  Her sire, Drumgoose Warlord, is a very well known and respected Field Trial Champion. Drumgoose Warlord now resides at Blue Cypress Kennels in the state of Florida. Her dam, Killowen Kate, is a tremendous hunting dog with an impeccable pedigree that includes some of the finest field trial dogs in the United Kingdom.  Tara can switch it “on” and “off” at the snap of a finger.  When in the house her switch is “off” and she is calm and collective.  In the field is another story. Here, her switch is “on” and she has loads of style and drive.  She is steady to shot and fall.  She has an excellent nose; thus, she is a superb game finder.  We are pleased to have a dog of Tara’s breeding and outstanding genetics in our program and we know without a doubt that she will satisfy a hunter's every demand. 

If you are interested in having Tara as your next "Best for Life" give us a call or send us an email: 

Working Video:

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